Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Review: Ms. Marvel

She's no ordinary girl

Kamala (a.k.a perfection as her dad puts it) feels like a blank canvas. She yearns for more parental freedom, eat a BLT sandwich (bacon goes against her Muslim beliefs), and above all, be accepted by the in-crowd. But when she disobeys her folks and sneaks into a party, Kamala comes at an impasse. It appears Captain America, Captain Marvel and Iron Man believe she has what it takes to play a significant role in society without reinventing herself entirely... just a few supernatural powers will do the trick.

I loved that, like Spiderman, Kamala does not come off as a natural born superhero. She is petite, brunette and interrupted during crazy fights by a call from her mother. She's also the first Muslim comic girl I've seen. Which made me pause! Not because I didn't want a Muslim superhero (I'm all for girl power) but because I didn't want it to be a gratuitous add to the plot just to say "hey, I included diversity." 

Instead, the author did a lot of research on the Muslim background (she is a Muslim herself) and even included a brother who used religion to his advantage, visits to the mosque and religious holidays. 

A great new series!!

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