Sunday, September 13, 2015

Review: Summer by Summer

"People say a heart can't be broken. But they forget the rest of the organs. How your mind spins trying to undue what was done. How the lungs ache with each new breath."

To break away from her grief, Summer leaves for Belize, where she'll work as a nanny. The job is like a breath of fresh air, until Bray arrives. He's absolutely pretentious and gorgeous. Of course, he hates Summer (she looks like a librarian). Will getting stranded on an island with her change his mind -- and most importantly, will this new adventure help Summer heal from an empty heart?

To be honest, the story had great potential. Summer and Bray established a dislike from one another at the very start. Then as soon as she adds highlights to her hair and starts wearing a bikini, Bray goes gaga and Summer swoons. Sure, it's nice to be admired (wait he doesn't know her) desired by a hunk, but to call it love is a huge mistake. This is nothing more than an infatuation and to rush into conversations about marriage after mere days of knowing each other is a dangerous way to ruin your life. Even Christian dating has months of courting. Marriage is no joke.

But rushing is all the book would do. Summer would rush into tears at almost every chapter, the action felt rushed (from a deserted island - to abandoned houses filled with food - to a criminal island - to a place where families camp...) and then of course, there's the crazy brokenhearted coma. 

Too bad, because it was nice to have two different point-of-views that sounded genuine.

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