Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: A Million Miles Away

We always hurt the ones we love the most

Kelsey never meant to hurt Peter. When her identical twin sister, Michelle, passed away in a car crash, Kelsey was resolved to tell the "widowed" boyfriend the truth. But when she saw him through Skype, facing the war in Afghanistan, she couldn't. Why cause him more anguish? He seemed so happy to see Michelle's face. 

To be honest, the beginning captures the interest at once. The loss hit the family to the core; Kelsey finding a way to distract herself from the issue by corresponding with Peter, while her parents formed a grieving club in their living room. But then Kelsey goes too far (could she go any lower than impersonating a death person) by lying to Peter's family and friends, cheating on her own boyfriend and worse lying during intimacy. 

On top of all these crazy shenanigans brought on by her grief, Kelsey refuses to be a mirroring effect around Peter and actually becomes Michelle. She subscribes to Michelle's art classes and memorizes a heap of information on many painters just to sound like her dead sister. Even considering all her mannerism. When Peter plays her a song:

"Kelsey thought of Michelle, and remembered to clap."

All in all a good plot. Too bad the main character lacked depth.

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