Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Review: Never said

Annie never said what troubled her so much. 

Instead, she just started eating junk, turning her beauty pageant body into the unrecognizable twin. Her parents are devastated and can't stop telling her how "ugly" she looks. But her twin sister, Sarah, suspects more. Why does Annie seem so preoccupied with wanting men to consider her undesirable? Why doesn't she complain about the bullying at school? What is Annie not saying?!?

Told in dual point-of-view, the premise seemed a bit misleading. Although, Sarah was in fact an introvert, the anxiety disorder that her parents constantly criticized didn't seem fit. Sarah stood up for Annie constantly, had a boyfriend and had no problem leaving the house. As for Annie, her story was very slow paced. From the beginning to end, we just saw her eat and want to create a club where everyone is equal and friendly, even though her eating disorder was caused by something traumatic that she refused to get help for. How could she possibly help others in her state? 

Not my favorite Lynch Williams. 

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