Monday, December 21, 2015

Review: Not if I see you First

"One of the unexpected side effects of Parker going blind, was how she got less and less sensible about what she said to people, because she couldn't see them flinch."

After a drunk driving accident (her mother had too much wine), Parker not only loses her mom but her eyesight. A few years later, her dad passes away from a medication overdose. Thankfully her aunt and cousins move in with her (Parker had already memorized the house and neighborhood, not an easy task when you are blind) but there's a cold shoulder coming from her cousin Sheila. 

Then we have Parker's friends, who are tired of seeing her put up "bitchy" attitudes and excluding them from sharing her feelings. All in all Parker isn't mean, she's just extremely sad and bottles her emotions. But what will happen if she keeps up this front, will everyone leave her, including her soulmate?

To be honest, this book had a lot of characters. What worked against the story, is that all these characters were polite. No one had attitude as much as Parker. Although, I liked her "I can do it" motto, I couldn't see the author's message about bottled emotions until 2/3 into the book. By then, Parker became an adrenaline rush junkie, and went from wanting to take relationships slow, to, I love my ex-boyfriend and he has to love me back right now. It just shows how after a huge tragedy, you need to talk to someone before you explode.

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