Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Review: The Dark and Hollow Places

That sad part when you don't follow your instincts and DNF a book.

Annah is scarred inside out. She abandoned her twin sister several years ago to the Unconsecrated (zombies) and has since survived with various scars all over her body and face. But now, that her sister is found, Annah starts developing other feelings such as jealousy and lover boy envy. Can Annah ever be at peace? 

Despite being the third book in the series, Ryan chose to focus the story on a new character with a dull personality. Not only is Annah constantly conflicted, but her reasoning makes little sense. She immediately sees her sister after years of guilt, and feels nothing but jealousy. Admits to loving Elias, only to flirt with Catcher right away. It's impossible to root for a character that doesn't know what she wants. 

The action is also constantly stalled, as our four main characters are being held under their will. Together they must decide if they desire to live or exist (tough existentialist question during apocalyptic zombie times).

Wish Ryan would have stopped at book two.


  1. I read the whole series - and they drove me crazy. Have no idea why I kept reading.

    1. I thought the first book ended in a good way, I don't understand the need to turn this into a trilogy.