Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Book and Movie Challenge: Mockingjay and Veronika Decides to Die

Resolute in keeping my challenge, here is my first January movie/book post.

Mockingjay Part II

Why did it take me so long to review this film? Because I had to reread the book. It had been so long since it was published (2010, keep in mind that there is no Mockingjay part 2 novel) that I felt the need to refresh and understand why a few scenes were presented the way they were. 

All in all, I found the plot stuck mostly to it's original story enough to give book fans their bucks worth. I was however surprised by the movie fanatics who didn't seem to grasp why the rebellion was not in center focus. They wanted more political details, which is impossible due to the fact that the story is told by the point-of-view of Katniss alone. And at that moment all she could think about was Snow. A great eye-opener on how revenge can blind us. 

Veronika Decides to Die

Ugh where do I start?

Paulo Coehlo is an amazing author, so amazing he can actually afford to make a cameo in his own book. While the novel deals with all the downside of depression (therapists says sadness and anger are emotions, while depression is a condition that we force upon ourselves) and reveals lots of great quotes to turn our frowns upside down, the film misleads its message. Aside from the strange sexual scene, the movie just seemed dull. 

**If you've reviewed this film or any other movie adaptation this month, please make sure to leave your link below. I'm always searching for movies to watch or skip. 

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