Monday, January 11, 2016

Review: VIP I'm with the Band

Who can resist boy bands?

Certainly not Mac who has been a huge fan of Perfect Storm (PS) before they were a hit. Mac knows everything about them -- from eating habits to favorite colors -- and dreams of going to her Spring Fling dance with the lead singer, Zander. But when a sudden turn of events causes Mac's mom to get hired as PS' tour manager, Mac will not only get to daydream about the band, she will spend the next two months with them 24/7. Will this personal encounter change her image of them? What if Zander is not so dreamy as she pictured in her head?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Although, I did find it a little lengthy for Middle-Graders at first, I soon began to see various drawings, blank pages to separate chapters, and graphic novel entries (Mac's alter ego), encouraging me to quickly changed my mind. Mac was heartfelt and quirky/clumsy making it easy to get attached to her character. She also acted like a mature twelve-year-old. Aside from the romance, the author added Lola, a rich spoiled fifteen-year-old ready to challenge Mac's favorite fan status. 

All in all a fun read with an open ending. Do I sense a series?

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