Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review: Firsts

Although one night stands are no longer frowned upon as before -- 15 of them with guys from the same school -- will not go unnoticed 

Following a bad breakup, Mercedes decides to take control of her body. She quickly becomes the school "devirginizer", sleeping with other girls boyfriends to teach them how to respect girls needs in bed. As one guy after another leaves her bedroom, Mercedes goes sloppy. No longer checking if the virgins have girlfriends or not -- or if they are virgins at all. How long can she keep doing this? Doesn't she realize that this is the opposite of self-control?

The author made sure to compliment Mercedes character with selfish parents. The mother was present throughout the novel, which made it even more cruel that she never tried to stop her child from casual sex. The book kind of dragged for a while, as Mercedes accumulated partners, but once everything unraveled Flynn provided an amazing conclusion, making sure to fit as many lessons as possible for young girls everywhere. 

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