Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Review: Anything you want

What would happen if Napoleon Dynamite had a child?

Dingus, life just ain't fair for Taco. Ever since his mom died from cancer, his dad took off leaving him in the care of his older brother Darius, who is an alcoholic. But before you think that this is a sad story -- I must warn you -- Taco is an extremely positive person. He has problems with the law, works nights, volunteers on the weekend, goes to school and is dealing with a pregnancy (he had no idea she could get pregnant unless they did it with that intention at heart) Can all these responsibilities turn Taco from teen to adult before the baby comes?

My first impression was to criticize Taco, I mean, which 17 year-old doesn't know about sex ed these days? But then I found that many underprivileged or religious towns don't teach it. Taco doesn't act like he's computer savvy, his innocence and naivety shines through the pages, his family is absent -- it makes perfect sense that he didn't know. 

All in all, I just wish the author hadn't thrown problem after problem on Taco. It would have allowed the story to breathe, and for his girlfriend's character to be more developed. 

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