Thursday, November 17, 2016

Review: The One that got Away

After a nasty fall, Abbey's dream of riches comes true. She wakes up married to Alex Van Holt, a congressman who once approached her for a date, with her ''real'' children (the ones she had before the fall) by her side. This paranormal universe lasts for days, and pretty soon Abbey stars moving on as Alex's wife, forgetting Jimmy her ''real'' husband and adapting to nannies, fake friends and picking up dry cleaning. But when she realizes how many problems being rich brings (bratty children for one) Abbey begins to miss home.

Himes did a good job at demonstrating the dark side of living with money. Abbey's family in law is not easy to bare, her husband is either never home or constantly tired, plus other women chase him because of his status. If that isn't enough to worry about, her daughter slaps her in front of a class filled with children. Although it's sad to see Abbey stuck in a life she no longer wants, she needs the life lesson desperately so she can stop daydreaming so much about 600$ purses and understand the real treasures in life.

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