Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Review: The King Slayer

''There are different kinds of strength. The kind that wields swords and slays monsters but there's another kind too; one that comes in quiet but in the end is stronger and harder and more powerful. The kind that comes from within.''

While trying to save her love, John, Liz transfers to him the one thing that makes her a powerful witch: her stigma. But now that Blackwell has claimed the throne of Anglia, the consequences of that action haunt her. Is she willing to sacrifice her own life to stop him?

I felt like this book was written in two parts, the preparation and the war itself. There was no character growth and the interesting love quadrangle had to stay on pause due to the pressing political matters (this is why I dislike politics). Having said that, Boecker still gave us the one thing that we desire when we open an action book, that's right, trills. The story was packed with revenants, jealous bickering, gruesome fight moves and the motivation to remind us that sometimes we have to do what is right despite, of who gets hurt in the process.

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