Saturday, May 3, 2014

Review: Adaptation

The sky is falling.

Well, mostly planes and birds, but the horror of it all is too much to go unnoticed. The situation leaves Reese and David stranded at the airport, forcing their debate teacher to drive them home. But when a bird crashes through the windshield their lives are held by a thread. It appears their only hope at survival involves a secret government facility. The scars soon disappear, they have the sentiment they are constantly being watched, and a telepathic power begins to arise. What exactly did happen that night?

Malinda Lo keeps the tension high, adding a sensual back-up story between Reese and her new friend Amber. Although I expected a conclusion in the end, Lo shifted the story around, turning it into a sci-fi that deserves a sequel.

Can't wait to read what happens in Inheritance.

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