Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Review: Better off Friends

Why can't we be friends?

Sometimes, when we meet someone as fun and awkward as we are  -- we just click. For Levi it was fast. Macallan took longer to open up, but soon, these two became best friends, finishing each other sentences and sharing family dinners. So why should growing up change everything?

Now, Macallan is angry that Levi spends too much time with the boys, while he's angry over the feelings he has for her. Worse, no one can date them without getting in the middle. It's a fiasco! Why can't they just be friends?

Eulberg wrote an compelling story about the coming of age (first period and kiss), bullying, dealing with a parent's death, and falling in loveIt's clear that the most beautiful relationships out there take place between two people who are friends to begin with. It's what being soul mates is all about. But for these two, who refuse to take the risk of rejection, pretending not to be in love is difficult and extremely entertaining for the reader.

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