Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review: Fire with Fire

Book Review: Fire with Fire

Is karma worth the price of a great revenge?

Reeve bullied Mary when they were younger, and left a void in her heart that time has not been able to mend. So the girls did the best thing they could do -- they drugged him. Vulnerable from the effects, Reeve tumbled off the prom stage and broke his leg, ruining his football career in the process. You'd think this would be enough to stop the sabotage, but the girls hate that he still refuses to apologize to Mary. The best thing to do is make Reeve fall in love with Lilia this time, then make sure he gets humiliated in return. But what happens if Lilia loves him back?

There were so many things going in Fire with Fire that did not involve Kat, causing her to disappear into the background and render her point-of-view quite pointless (hard not to skip those pages). Nevertheless, Mary and Lilia heighten the stakes like never before. Lots of love and jealousy scenes made the book impossible to put down. 

Prepare for a yet another cliffhanger ending. 


  1. I love this series! Great review ;) Sooo excited for "Ashes to Ashes."

    Miss Perfection @A Perfection Called Books