Monday, October 20, 2014

Review: Betti on the High Wire

Babo's parents will come back for her... 

Or so she thinks. Sadly, Babo's reality is another. Her country is being torn by war and her parents are both dead, leaving her in the care of Auntie Moo, a woman who kindly took charge of the orphaned circus children after an attack. Luckily for Babo, an American family filed adoption papers. But will Babo, with her broken eye and missing toes, be able to adjust in her new country?

Railsback didn't hold back on the heartwrenching material. Babo's insistence that her parents are alive brought tears to my eyes, as I understood that adjusting to a new country is one thing, but accepting that your family has changed is entirely other. Not only does she have a new mom and dad, but also a younger sister, Lucy. The way these two adjust to one another is touching and very realistic.

A great story that reminds us not all memories need to fade in order to make new ones.


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  2. Oh it looks beautiful! I've just added it to my list-of-book-I-need-to-buy! Great review! :)
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