Saturday, October 11, 2014

Review: The Space in Between

A Wiccan ritual with an amateur practicant -- what could possibly go wrong?

Regardless of the consequences, Moira wants to help her sister, Tabby, fulfill her Pagan calling. Afterall, Tabby, always stands by Moira, even when she feels down about her ADHD meds, unlike her boyfriend, Patrick, who is constantly trying to control their relationship. But now a dream portal has been opened and Moira can't help but fall for the man on the other side. Is it because she is tired of Patrick, or because Haiko is the one? More importantly, is Haiko even real?

Jen Minkman is experienced with fantasy star-crossed lovers (Shadow of Time, The Boy from the Woods) but this is the first time that we encounter a love triangle. Moira and Patrick's relationship is borderline abusive. It can be uncomfortable at times, as Moira begins to acknowledge it and yet remains in his grasp. Of course, as the reader this makes us want her to travel to the other side more fervently, even as she risks her life to rescue Hayko.

The Space in Between will make you question which relationships are worth the risk.


  1. I hope that Haiko is real or if he isn't, at least that Moira leaves Patrick. He sounds like he's a waste of time if he doesn't change.

  2. I know, right? People don't change.