Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Review: Wildlife

With a friend like Holly who needs enemies?

Sib is having a lucky year. Her godmother got her to pose for a huge billboard. And now, Ben Capaldi, aka the most wonderful guy in school, just kissed her. This makes up for being forced to spend an entire semester in the woods. If only her best friend, Holly, would stop tormenting her every chance she gets.

Meanwhile, Lou, a new girl who suffered the loss of her boyfriend, sees everything and can't help but try to get Sib to learn to stand up for herself. Even if that means she'll need to start caring again.

Although, both point-of-views had their moments, Sib's controlled the plot as Lou had to face anger and grief before she could start coming out of her shell. But, all in all, Holly's character is the one who steals the show. Her friendship with Sib is of a controlling nature, which can only be described as plain bullying. From showcasing her pictures of her pimples to the boys, to forcing her to have sex -- Holly needs to be stopped before it's too late.

A little lengthy, but worth the read, especially if you've ever been in or observed a controlling relationship.

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