Sunday, October 5, 2014

Review: Sisters

A book that will make you say Awww in five different pitches!

Telgemeier is back with the sequel to Smile (don't worry -- there are no dentistry problems in this one). This time, Raina, has to survive a road trip to Colorado with her younger sister Amara, whom she considers to be a pest.  Through the use of flashbacks, we learn of Raina's excitement when Amara was born and her futile efforts to build a friendship before she gave up altogether. Are they simply incompatible zodiac signs? Or can a ''car confinement'' bring this two to finally bond? 

The illustrations are vibrant and easy to follow, allowing us to concentrate on the emotional aspect of the story. Although, little Raina's insistence to play with unwilling Amara wins the reader's sympathy from the start, we soon learn that this isn't a rivalry story but something much deeper.

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