Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review: Fake Mustache

Can the government control our votes and force us to make them blindly?

When Lenny lends his friend Casper ten dollars to help him purchase a handlebar mustache, things get out of line. Suddenly, Casper is robbing banks. Hypnotizing people. And the worst part is no one seems to recognize him under the disguise. So how is Lenny supposed to stop him now that Casper is going for mayor? 

Although the story targets middle-graders, the subject matter is quite strong and the tension constantly present. All the while filled with quirky jokes and new characters such as Josie the Cowgirl, who gets her turn at unravelling the crime. 

Fake Mustache teaches us that we can't always stand by and watch friends turn criminals, the power of a well-groomed mustache, and how important it is to stand-up for what we believe in even when we are alone. 

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