Thursday, April 3, 2014

Review: Golden

"One traveler, two roads, and an inevitable choice." 
                                                                               -- Robert Frost

Parker Frost might not be related to the famous writer Robert Frost, nonetheless, her records surpass the rest of her classmates. Her mom is certain of her success, taking every opportunity to remind Parker to study. To forego friendships. To be number one. 

But when a teacher places Parker in charge of mailing old school journals to their rightful owners, Parker finds Juliana's, a student who lost her life in a terrible car crash. The revelation far too tempting, Parker reads it and uncovers just how important living life to the fullest really is -- unless you enjoy drowning in regrets. 

The mystery part was expected and evident from the start. Due to her upbringing, Parker's character is one-dimensional.  Juliana on the other hand is not. One can't help but be mesmerized by how poetic, full of life, and romantic, her version is. 

So as you turn the pages remember, you only live once. 

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