Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review: The Ring and the Crown

A huge downside of being a princess is the inability to choose your husband. 

For Marie, a princess desperately in love with a guard, the solution to happy ever after is simple. All she needs is to convince Aelwyn, a young sorceress, to take over her appearance so she and the guard can escape in return for a lifetime of royalty. Add to the cast, a betrothed prince with a jealous mistress, his brother Wolf with a street-fighting double identity, a poor rich girl who desperately needs to wed and you get lots of funny, romantic, and dramatic turn of events.

The chapters constantly change point-of-view, giving us eyes all over the palace. One big plus in the story is De La Cruz's ability to use the right dose of magic without turning the story into fantasy. Alas, the ending might have been too rushed for my taste, but I'm sure the sequel will solve things out.

All in all, a written proof that Melissa De La Cruz was meant to write historical fiction.


  1. It sounds like Marie's plan is not going to go so well. Ever since I read Game of Thrones, I love books where the point of view changes. It adds a lot to the story.

  2. Love does complicate things so much :s
    I'm so behind on Game of Thrones!! I want to read the book before watching season one.