Friday, April 11, 2014

Review: Far from you

Far from you takes the theme What happens when you can't be with someone you love? on a whole other level. 

For Sophie, the grief over Mina's death seems unending. The killer is still on the loose, and worse, people suspect Sophie's involvement due to the drugs found at the scene. Tess Sharpe wisely divided the book into three parts: the accident -- a car crash caused by Mina's brother, Trev, which left Sophie crippled and addicted to painkillers, and Trev feeling responsible for her. The events leading to the climax. And lastly, we flash forward to the aftermath of Mina's murder and Sophie's determination to solve the crime.

Although, the investigation is slowly plotted throughout the book to allow the bisexual triangle between Mina, Sophie and Trev to take place, the story felt oddly shaped at times. Either the cuts were too sudden or too repetitive. But mostly, Sharpe did a good job at placing the reader in Sophie's head. The turmoil Mina put her through by wanting to hide their love and practically force Sophie's relationship with Trev. The pity Trev had for Sophie. Her parents anger against her addiction to painkillers. It felt as if everyone devalued Sophie. Including Sophie herself. 

All in all, Far from you had a wonderful conclusion, making sure that every point in the story was addressed. 


  1. It sounds interesting. A murder mystery with very round characters. By the way, I've nominated you for the Dardo Award.