Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review: Her Dark Curiosity

The past always comes back to haunt us.

Although, Juliet's heart still yearns for Montgomery and her body aches for the medicine that maintains her animal urges under control -- Juliet wants to rebuild her live. Creating a cure is her only hope, then she can forget everything. Forget Moreau Island. Unfortunately for her, someone something followed her off the island making sure the horrific secret that happened there is out. Will she be able to cure herself before her Dad's friends decide to keep her as an experiment?

Once again, Megan Shepherd used the retell pattern, basing the story on Jekyll and Hyde. The effect wasn't as moving as The Madman's Daughter but only because Dr. Moreau was an evil genius badass and is a tough act to follow. The love triangle remained with a steamy hot sex scene worth rereading. All in all, the book is a nice follow-up to the first, even if, one can't help but ask themselves ''Where is this all leading to?''

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