Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Review: Not Exactly a Love Story

Vinnie's mom is tired of being the sole provider for the family. Her solution: divorce -- marrying Vinnie's gym teacher and moving him across the city. One can't blame his rebellion when he picks up the phone, calls his pretty new neighbor and tells her obscenities. Or can we? Will Vinnie learn to control his impulses before he ruins his chance with the only girl who understands him?

Audrey Couloumbis author of Love me Tender gives us another story that deals with parental separation. Vinnie is so composed with his family's rupture, that we sort of expect him to fall apart sooner or later. As always the parents where very well written. Both mother and father played their role in the end of the relationship, making the story quite believable.

A short yet interesting read taking place in the late 70s.


  1. This sounds good!!


    1. It was shocking to hear him on the phone, lol. Dude needs some pointers.