Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review: Shift

Sometimes a relationship ends not by choice, but because someone dies. 

Logan overdosed on his birthday, and now, everyone born after the shift, including his girlfriend Aura can see him until he decides to cross over. In this sequel to Shade, Aura thought she'd lost Logan forever, but it turns out he's still around with plans to start a band made out of post-shifters. Unfortunately, his presence still means turmoil for Aura's current boyfriend, Zachary. How will they get through this again?

Although Shade had an intense amount of romance and tension, Shift was too explanatory. Why are ghosts visible in the first place? What role does Aura play in it all? This time around, Aura was harder to connect with. Guys are not toys -- and playing with other people's feelings just because one is confused doesn't make it right.

Hope she redeems herself in the third installment.

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