Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Review: The Chosen One

Life is full of choices we don't get to make...

Kyra belongs to the Chosen Ones, a sect religion that places the prophet's needs above the rest of the community. Together with her siblings, mothers and father, Kyra lives within the community hidden in the forest. She even has a crush named Joshua who is hinting at marriage. But then the prophet has a vision that she is meant to be married right away-- not to Joshua - but to her sixty-year-old uncle Hyrum. Can Kyra defy her religion even if it means placing everyone she loves at risk?

Lynch Williams made this book impossible to put down. Once the marriage announcement to uncle Hyrum is set, the deadline seems imminent and the pages just kept turning themselves. The topic of obedience vs punishment gets quite tense as Kyra's situation forces other members of the community to ponder on their beliefs.

Lots of action, stolen kisses and thought provoking plotlines.

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