Monday, January 12, 2015

Review: Hit

The Crush and the Crash

Sarah's in love with her poetry teacher, Mr. Haddings, in ways that would be considered unethical. Still, she decides to pour her heart out and writes him a letter. Unfortunately, on her way to deliver said letter, Haddings, who inadvertently looked at his cellphone, runs her over with his car. The story takes us through the following two days post accident. And how both  Sarah and Haddings, must come to terms with what happened. 

Hit seems like the kind of story that would have benefit immensely from having more than two point-of-views. Sarah's parents were uncomfortable being around each other, her brother was too preoccupied with looks while her best friend found solace being near him. But Mr. Haddings wasn't allowed to approach the family and Sarah was... injured. So the untold stories lingered int he air. If only the flashbacks would have gone deeper than poetry and claim that five star rating.

Grover based Hit on a true story, and encourages us to follow The Red Thumb Reminder and paint our nail red as a warning not to text and drive. Let's make a difference.

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