Friday, May 1, 2015

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Q: How do you cure a reading slump?

There is nothing more depressing for a bookworm than to get stuck in a reading slump.

Every time I get lucky and read two or three books in a row that I end up enjoying, I know that the streak will eventually end. And then the slump comes. That one book that is just so boring it ruins everything. Especially when it came highly recommended. So you don't DNF it. You stick to it, hoping to see what the big deal is.

Just switch genres for a while, watch a movie, karaoke for a night... All it takes is a few days for the slump to be gone.


  1. Oh I hate that when it's highly recommended, boring, but you stick with it and it doesn't get better! If anything, tho, I think that propels me to read more because I can't stand feeling that stagnant with my reading. Switching genres or watching TV is always good. :D Happy Friday! My FF

    1. I know... and then you try not to offend anyone when writing the review.

  2. OOh nice advice! I haven't had any slumps myself. It's hard to carry through with a book at times especially when it's highly recommend but you're just not feeling it yourself. I had a book like that just last week. I read about half and then started skimming pages and then I was like okay, I'm done. Need something to better hold my attention.

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  3. It's always disappointing when you end up disliking or being bored by a book that everyone else loves and recommends! That can definitely spark a slump.

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  5. I keep trying different books on my TBR list and if that doesn't get me interested in reading again, I know I need a time out. Just some breathing space to get my head together and out of this funk. It usually does the trick for me too. Here's mine: