Thursday, May 14, 2015

Review: The Royal We

Becoming a princess takes more hard work than just being vigilant about a pair of glass slippers.

Bex leaves America, and her twin sister Lacey, to pursue her studies at Oxford University. She wants to find herself and instead finds Nick. A prince. Not just any prince, but the prince of England -- who is unquestionably unobtainable to someone of her status (and nationality). But after years of secret rendez-vous, will Nick ever declare his love for her in public?

The Royal We is divided in several acts: from falling in love, to surviving the pressure from their families, trying to live apart, and of course how the media attempts to damage their relationship. Although I failed to see Bex as an American (dialogue) she did captivate my interest. She had both flaws and qualities, and made several mistakes that many of us would make in her shoes. 

A realistic take of what a royal/normal person relationship might feel like.

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