Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review: Half Bad

What would it be like to be born an abomination?

Poor Nathan gets treated worse than Rosemary's baby due to his bloodline. Everyone expects him to take after his father, and go on a murderous rampage when he grows up. so they deny him a proper education, living conditions, love, and mostly the magical gifts that could lead to his death if not provided before his seventeenth birthday. Should Nathan run off and join the Black Witches -- and if so -- will his heart turn bad? Can he become what everyone feared all along?

Let's be blunt, witches have always been fascinating. I must admit this is the first time I see them set against each other so viciously. White Magic vs Black Magic witches. Sadly, the idea of being discriminated because of who where you come from isn't far fetched. Sally Green used it quite well by providing us with different mindset of characters and a timid love story that will most likely bloom in the sequel. 

Recommended to all witchcraft fans.

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