Friday, October 23, 2015

Feature and Follow Friday: Hello Quick Fix

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Q: If you could re-write a book, which one would it be and what changes would you make?

So many series endings could be modified without me putting up any resistance. Requiem by Lauren Oliver comes particularly to mind.

The whole book concentrated on the rebellion, with fight scene after fight scene. This wasn't supposed to be a WWF match. It's a book. What happened to the dialogue? The love triangle that had been woven in the sequel?


I would make sure Lena chose on of the two boys, and make the subplot with Hana a lot more suspenseful.

Which book do think deserves a make-over?


  1. Ooh. was it a good book/series overall though? Following on bloglovin.

  2. You know, this is one of the things writers do that really bothers me. When you finish a series, you're supposed to tie everything up neatly, not leave things hanging, questions unanswered, etc. That really ruins everything that went before!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! New GFC follower! : )

  3. Never did read this series, but wow. She never made a choice with the love triangle? That's weird. I know my sister read this series but I have no clue what her thoughts were on it after it ended.

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  4. although i haven't read this series, i know exactly what you mean about fight after fight. following!

  5. Not read this book but I might like the WWF ;) I love fight scenes!