Thursday, October 22, 2015

Review: The Indigo Spell

Sydney is all grown up

It appears the Alchemists are hiding crucial information from their members. Sydney would never dream of going against her kind, but when this information threatens to place Jill in danger, all bets are off. Not only does she become a spy for Marcus, but she also turns to Magik as a form of defense. Now that she is changing her beliefs, will Sydney finally admit her love for Adrian?

Although I loved seeing this new Sydney, strong and filled with confidence (other than in intellectual matters), the majority of the book was slow paced. From her taking lessons to running errands, Sydney just wouldn't stop working. Then every time she would get some time off, the environment was tense(sexual tension between her and Adrian, and group tension between her friends). Also the climax was solved way too easily.

Not my favorite of the series.

Bloodlines (Book One)
The Golden Lily (Book Two)


  1. I haven't gotten to that one yet, but I'm very meh about this series in general. I don't think Sydney's narrating voice is anywhere near as strong as Rose's, I'd rather have another six-book series on Rose and Dimitri than the Bloodlines books :/

    - Jen @ The Bookavid

    1. I agree that it was hard saying goodbye to Rose (not that many cameos). Sydney doesn't have that fiery attitude. At least Mead is letting her character grow. Wonder how it will end.