Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Review: A Thousand Nights

"Good men fall to monsters everyday."

Lo-Melkhinn might be a rich and powerful men, and yet, he struggles to keep a woman. All three hundred of his wives passed away within the first week of marriage. Ever since, girls everywhere are terrified of him. But Lady-bless moves in willingly to the castle and becomes his latest wife. She does so to protect her beautiful sister, and deep down, because she believes herself dispensable. Can her spirituality protect her or will she succumb to the beast?

Like all fairy-tales, there's a duality theme through the novel of good vs evil (god vs Satan to be exact). Although, I do believe that Lady-bless' sacrifice for her sister came from the heart, her lack of self-confidence soon emerged. Her sister was the fiery one, the gutsy, the beautiful, the one whose mom dad loved best, the best seamstress... (yup, the list is long). Every time Lo-Melkhinn tries to talk to Lady-bless she brings her sister into the conversation. Even during sex!

"My sister does her rituals too, proper ones, far from the city walls," I said to him, though I could not say how I had seen it. "She prepares for her wedding." 

And then the plot twisted. When Lady-Bless started seeing herself as someone who could give back (like sowing with the other women of the palace) she became aware of her spirit, and finally gave us the badass female that was needed to handle Lo-Melkhinn's possessed soul. 


  1. Interesting take. I've seen good things about this, kind of excited to get it.

    1. Hope you like it. It was my first time seeing so many characters stay nameless.

  2. I have seen this book a lot lately. It does sound interesting. I do love the cover. :)
    I also tagged you in a book tag.
    Here is the link if your interested

    1. The cover is gorgeous. Makes me want to travel.

  3. Olá amiga! Vim bordar um recadinho na sua página, terminei de visitar seu blog, gostei D+++ das suas postagens. Parabéns!!!Beijos no ♥