Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review: I Crawl through it

Far more surrealistic than Alice in Wonderland

Gustav flies an invisible helicopter. Stanzi has a split personality. China's inside out. And Lansdale is a hairy female lie detector version of Pinocchio. Together, they are a time bomb waiting to erupt. It's just a matter of time.

Although, I'm no expert in magical surrealism, I am reader. A curious one! Who was waiting for an Ah-ha moment through all this chaos (like in We Were Liars). But instead, this book just concentrates on adult/teenager relationships. Gustav's dad doesn't care if his son vanishes, Stanzi's parents mourn everyone else's child but their own, Lansdale's dad could care less about how outrageous her behavior is and China lives with active BDSM parents that clean their sex toys in the sink. These issues are bound together by loose treads and odd characters (man in the bush, newsman...)that take away from the story even more.

Read at your own puzzling risk.

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