Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Between the Lines

When you read often, it's difficult sometimes not to crush on a character. But what if that character crushes back? Delilah thought she had gone crazy the day Oliver talked to her from the pages of Between the Lines, telling her how intriguing her world was and that he would love to come out of the book and be with her. 

The story switches points of view from fiction to reality and strangely enough includes flash in scenes (where we can read actual parts of the book). I must say that Delilah is quite humorous and devoted to the book like the ultimate fan girl. Picoult and Van Leer had fun teasing the reader with several scares: What if the book gets damaged? Can Oliver come out? What happens if someone discovers their relationship? 

The last chapter, however, seemed unethical to me. If you've read My Sister's Keeper then  you are aware that Picoult likes twisted endings.  Still, I found it exciting to know she wrote this with her teenage daughter. 

All in all, this book was good family fun.  Recommended to fairy-tale lovers who enjoy a mix reading of Middle-Grade and YA.  


  1. I read this one in September and really enjoyed it.

  2. Nice review! I have yet to read this one but have had it since its release! Must get onto it soon!

    1. Thanks, I'm looking forward to read your review ;)

  3. This is on my tbr list, sounds fun.