Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review: Ghostworld

Enid and Becky are done with high school. This should be the time of their lives when they party and travel to the beach. But instead, they continue to hang out at the coffee shop and music stores, or just relax by the television having normal pointless talks. You can tell from the very start that these two are best friends.

The problem: Enid doesn't listen to anything Becky says, constantly monopolizing the conversations. Treating Becky as if she were dumb and keeping mum on her plans after high school. Why would she do that? The answer is in the book.

And that is a good enough reason to read this book. It's honest. Not all friendships are good for you, and it doesn't mean that because a person is extroverted that they are able to show their true emotions.

Daniel Clowes also worked on the screenplay for the 2001 Ghostworld movie, and was nominated for an Award for best adapted screenplay.

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