Sunday, March 3, 2013

Review: Starters

Look at this cover. The poor blue eyed girl looks extremely sad and who can blame her. Callie's parents died during the Spore Wars -- a terrible epidemic that wiped out everyone between the age of twenty and sixty. Sadly, those who didn't have any grandparents were left to struggle on their own. And so Callie who doesn't want to be separated from her little brother must do a crazy thing: she must rent her body.

Please no dirty thoughts. I said rent not sell. What they do is insert a microchip into her head and then the elder who rents her body can operate it while the real Callie sleeps. 

I admit I loved to see the experiment go wrong as Callie woke up and took control of her body. I expected her to do what I would have done: go shopping. But instead she tries to figure out who this  renter is and moves the story from Dystopia to Mystery to Horror, and then sprinkles it with a dash of Romance. 

Needless to say, I devoured this book. Callie is a strong character, never forgetting the huge responsibility   that rests on her shoulders. Helena kept surprising me at every turn. The only character I couldn't warm up to was Michael. Yes, he took care of Tyler but he was so secretive it annoyed me. Can't wait for book two to come out.  


  1. I actually have this book on my shelf, haven't gotten to it yet, though. I'm not sure what exactly I'm waiting for ... but from your review I think I might have to get right on it. (: Thanks!


    1. I do that a lot too. Just buy and store O_O lol

  2. I haven't read terribly much YA but this sounds like something I'd really enjoy! Great review, thanks!