Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review: God is in the Pancakes

Does God appear to us through signs -- like a little bubble on a pancake telling us it's time to act?

Grace hopes so. She desperately wants signs to tell her it's okay to date her best friend Eric, to forgive her Dad for leaving, to kill Mr. Sands who pleaded with her to end his misery. Boy, am I glad I'm not in her shoes. Forgiving someone is never easy, neither is trusting someone with your heart, but killing!!

Believe it or not, God is in the Pancakes never really touches religion it simply mentions God (very, very few times) so even if you are an Atheist you might enjoy this. The story is well paced for a contemporary. A great addition is that author joined Isabelle to the mix -- the elderly man's wife -- making the story even more climatic. 

Prepare to question everything you thought about Euthanasia. 


  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful review! You totally made my day! xRobin

  2. Thank you for writing it. It is one of my favorites :)