Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review: Origin

The Amazon rainforest comes to life in Jessica Khoury's novel, Origin

Pia, an immortal who hates being reminded so, was created as part of a top secret project. She lives in a protected compound with her Aunts and Uncles -- all scientists that prefer a ''family'' environment -- but never allow her to step out into the jungle. Instead, Pia spends the days training for the unknown; forced to disregard ethical questions because she is special. And special people do what needs to be done, even if it means hurting others.

Jessica Khoury maintained a thrilling plotline throughout the whole story of morality vs. eternity. I mean, really, who would want to live forever if it meant being the bad guy?

Pia was an easy character to root for: brave, intrepid, and humble. No wonder Eio agrees to help her. Finally, a book that can be enjoyed in its entirety, without the need of a sequel to prolong the obvious.


  1. I feel like a lot of YA readers are fascinated with being immortal so it was really smart of the author to have a character like that but also show the tragic side of being immortal (since the MC is being used). Happy you liked it so much. I LOVE that cover <3

    1. Yes, thanks for pointing that out. There are so many immortal stories out there, and sadly, if you don't have someone to be immortal with (someone you can stand, lol) it will be a long ride :/

  2. Sounds really good, and I like that it's a stand alone book. Great review! Have a good weekend!


  3. Sounds quite interesting. I might take a look at this one.