Monday, August 26, 2013

Review: Shredded

Being an athlete isn't easy. To reach a competitive level, Josie Peters had to practice lots of stunts, fracturing her wrist in the process. And if you were to ask her if it was worth it -- you'd hear a loud Yes!

So when she gets an invitation to join the BMX team that sponsors pro rider R.T.Torres, a Latin heartthrob with impressive moves on and off the park, Josie jumps on the opportunity. But instead of acceptance, Josie discovers that the only reason she was requested is because they aren't enough girls in the competition, and that no one on the team believes a female can win the prize. 

Avivi gives us a  great example of the undergoing struggle women everywhere must face in sports, illuminating the story with BMX terminology and a realistic teen voice. The friendship between her and Miguel is genuine. Not many teen authors like to portray a male/female friendship that doesn't turn sexual or into a love triangle, so I was happy to finally see one on paper. Recommended for readers who enjoy an adrenaline rush. 

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