Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review: Requiem

Requiem marks the finale of the Delirium series for Lauren Oliver, and for us, the ending of cliffhanger madness. 

Taking place right where we left off, Lena and Julian arrive at the resistance camp to find Alex waiting for her, both surprised and hurt that she'd taken a new lover. The wilds no longer mean freedom now that the government is after them and the trio will have no choice but to join forces and fight. In fact, Requiem is packed with so much violence, leaving little space for dialogue: Alex fighting with Julian, Alex fighting with Lena, Lena fighting with Alex's new girlfriend. By the time the government finds them we've grown accustomed to all the fights. People start dying left and right, and like a typical war, no one has time to mourn.  

Then there is Hana, who Oliver attempts to give a suspenseful Bluebeard retelling twist, but fails due to her dull cured mind. Hana takes too long to ask the right questions about her future government leader husband, and when she does figure out the answers her response is a nonchalant ''oh, that isn't okay.'' 

When the cards are badly set up, it's no wonder that it all comes tumbling down into a big unresolved mess. Does the rebellion triumph? Who owns Lena's heart? I'm still waiting for Oliver to say. Perhaps she is planning a spin off series.  


  1. Great review. I agree, I was unsatisfied with the ending. I personally like things tied up, especially if it is the end. I also was not a fan of Hana's storyline within the book.

    1. True :( Too bad the TV show got cancelled by FOX. That could have shown us the true ending.