Sunday, August 11, 2013

Review: Promise Me Something

Friendship and loyalty are tested in Kocek's Promise me Something and the results will surprise you. Reyna knows everything about loss. She lost her mom to a drunk driver and her father to a lover a few months later. The high school she is assigned to isn't the same as her best friends, causing shy Reyna more alienation from the ones she loves. Meeting Olive is the only thing going on for her. The problem is Olive is direct, rejected by others, and often selfish. The problem is Olive is secretly gay.

Kocek touches several LGBT topics, and sadly how being judged by others can lead to suicide. The loss of a parent holds the book together, providing the reader with several teary-eyed moments. Sex is the one thing that isn't discussed in this book. Instead, Kocek introduces Levi, a sweet puppy love interest for Reyna, making sure the harsher and more important topics get the main attention.

A debut worth noticing. Promise Me Something comes out September 1st 2013.

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