Thursday, September 19, 2013

Angela N. Blount opens up about her new book

I'm pleased to be receiving author Angela N. Blount today to promote her YA novel, Once Upon a Road Trip.

Eighteen-year-old Angeli doesn’t "fit in." She’s never been on a single date, and she lives vicariously through an online world of storytelling. With the pressures of choosing a practical future path bearing down, she needs a drastic change. Too old to run away from home, she opts instead to embark on a solo 2-month road trip. But her freedom is tempered by loneliness — and anxiety tests her resolve as she comes face-to-face with her quirky internet friends. 

Aside from contracting mono and repeatedly getting herself lost, Angeli's adventure is mired by more unforeseen glitches — like being detained by Canadian authorities, and a near-death experience at the hands of an overzealous amateur wrestler. Her odyssey is complicated further when she unwittingly earns the affections of two young men. One a privileged martial artist; the other a talented techie with a colorful past.

Bewildered by the emotions they stir, Angeli spurns the idea of a doomed long-distance relationship. But she is unprepared for the determination of her hopeful suitors. 

A true story with an unapologetically honest outlook on life, love, faith, and adventure -- Once Upon A Road Trip is a coming-of-age memoir.

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Hi Angela, thank you for being with us. Please do tell, what inspired you to write this book?

I think a lot of people toy with the idea of running away from home when they're young. I just waited until I was of legal age, and decided to expand my horizons by going on a cross-country road trip. At the time, I had no idea how life-altering that decision would become. (Think Eat, Pray, Love ... but the geeky teenaged version, and on a tight budget.)

What song best describes your work?

Either It's My Life by Bon Jovi, or Cross The Line by Superchick. They both fit perfectly at different points.

Any advice for aspiring writers?

Lots! When I first got serious about writing, I didn't fathom how much I didn't know about it -- and about the publishing industry. Which is probably for the best as I might have been too intimidated if I'd realized what I was getting myself into. But in trying to spare others of what I wish I'd figured out early on, I'll hit a few highlights....

1. Don't write in a vacuum. Carefully seek out critiquing partners and beta readers who can offer constructive criticism and  knowledgeable feedback. It may hurt at first, but it will challenge and grow you like nothing else.

2. If at all possible, join a writer's guild or similar organization that will offer you community support and craft honing opportunities such as workshops, conferences, contests, etc. I've personally found invaluable aid and opportunities as a member of the RWA (Romance Writers of America), though I almost didn't join because I didn't think I was focused enough on romance. As it turns out, nearly everything they offer is applicable across all genres.

3. Carve out daily writing time for yourself, and defend it like professional work -- even if you don't yet feel like a professional.

4. In the words of Winston Churchill: "Never, never, never give up." You are the most qualified person in the world to tell your stories they way they need to be told. 

What are you working on now -- or would you rather surprise us?

I've just finished a Contemporary YA romance, and I'm now hard at work on the first in a YA sci-fi series. How exciting! I don't generally recommend genre-hopping, but my brain can't seem to help it.

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Thank you for being with us Angela, and good luck on all your future projects.