Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Holly Black gives us an atypical and disturbing look at vampires, as well as the hottest and raciest kiss ever between a bloodsucker and a human. 

The story revolves around Tana, a teenage girl who was bitten by her own mother as a child and still feels guilty over the incident. Had she not allowed her mom to bite her, the infection would have worn off and her mother would be alive today. So when her friends get attacked at a party, Tana decides to save those she can from turning, by driving them to Coldtown, away from the vampire hunters. Black spices things up by adding two neurotic bloggers named Midnight and Winter who wish to document the whole ordeal. 

Although the plot was well set up -- the need for Coldtowns easy to understand -- it made no realistic sense why Tana would risk her life for an ex-boyfriend who peer pressured her into kissing other guys. And if that wasn't enough reason to leave him and save herself, she decides to rescue a vampire she'd never met. Just because. 

Sadly, the wicked sense of humor was not sufficient to make the story worth re-reading.


  1. I enjoyed the book but I don't think it was worth re-reading either although I am curious if this turns into a series.


    1. She got the inspiration from a short story of she wrote a while ago, so will she get inspired for a series. Maybe :/