Sunday, September 29, 2013

Review: Mister Max

Mister Max, twelve, becomes a detective  (he detests that word) solutionner under the worst circumstances. 

Right before Max and his parents are set to depart for India, Max stops to say farewell to a friend. But when he shows up at the port, on time, his parents have already left. What's even more peculiar, there was no boat for India that day. Max has only Grammie now, and both of them will stop at nothing to find out what really happened to their loved ones. 

Cynthia Voigt sets the story in the Victorian Era, giving it a polished Sherlock Holmes feel. This detail made Max a more mature character. Money was scarce back then, and to survive Max had no other resort than to find work. Joining him, is sidekick Pia, a young girl with a dose of attitude who helps him in his odd jobs: rescuing a lost dog, a stolen spoon, reuniting two long lost lovers, and even a search for a missing child. 

A great read  recommended for children 10+

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