Friday, September 27, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday: Don't Take my Sunshine Away

Parajunkee Alison Can Read


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''As long as there is light, I can read anywhere'' BookCupid

If there was no light, I'd learn braille. There is always a solution to every problem.

Mostly, I read on the go: subway, dentist office, at the park, between classes...  I must admit reading at home is much more relaxing and easier to just let go and let the story transport you.


  1. Yeah I can read about anywhere myself too! I prefer in my bed though! Just cozier!

    Although I always found myself hating to read at the doctors, because I would wait so long and then the doctor walks in when I'm in the middle of a chapter! I'm like really? Couldn't you come 5 minutes ago or in 5 minutes...or so, so I can finish my chapter?! ;)

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  2. I like to read on my couch:

  3. I am always pulling out a book if I am waiting more then 5 mins, If Hubby is in the store, I am reading, If I'm at the dentist I am reading, If I'm working I am reading, but I'm a slow reader so sometimes It can take me a while! Just depending on wht I have going in in life HAHA

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  4. I can read anywhere as well. Just not outside... The mosquitoes in Texas are about as big as my car lol

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  5. I really don't even know how I get any reading in but somehow I do! Unfortunately, I get massive motion sickness ( so no reading on trains, planes, buses etc...) and it is way too loud and/or comfortable to read at home (either distracted or taking a nap! lol) but at work when I want to be swept away to somewhere else, my reading def takes me there! Thanks for the post...Oh and loving the blog btw ~Mystic Fury

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