Friday, March 21, 2014

Feature and Follow Friday: Breaking Cupid

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Q: Have your reading habits changed in the past few years?

Glad some of us are good at math. After going through my Goodreads reading challenges, Mr.White and I concluded that:

2012: Paranormal ranked at number 1
2013: YA won me over

and finally this year:

2014: graphic novels top my read list.

Yup, I'm Divergent. And now, onto to Chemistry class.


  1. It's crazy how our reading habits change just as much as we do throughout the years ;)

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  2. Hopping through. I've really gotten into manga over the past several years. I also like graphic novels.
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  3. Wow! That's pretty dramatic! For me, it was much slower. Once I knew paranormal books were my thing that's all I read! I might have had a fantasy book or two in, because magic was a form of paranormal-ness! ;)

    Then I read Vampire Academy, just before the Paranormal YA genre broke out.

    Then I started reading more Paranormal YA books alongside my adult ones.

    Then I eventually started to read a few dystopian books as well!

    I've read a few graphic novels. But in the "cheating" sense. I only read ones that are based on already beloved book series. They could be actual depictions of a book. Or a prequel version or sequel version of a series as well. But pretty much ones that are based on books! Haven't gotten to any ones that stand on their own.

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  4. Hehe.. You're a divergent too :) I haven't read any graphic novels yet.. apart from Japanese manga.. does that count? LOL. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. I always forget to add all the graphic novels that I read to Goodreads. My numbers might change if I did.

  6. Mr. White!!!! Hilarious!!! Loved that show so much! Just checking my follows! ;-)
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