Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Don't Even Think About it

Ever wonder what your friends really think about you? Or if your crush wants to ask you out? 

Well, one high school group no longer has to wonder about the many thoughts of others. After receiving a bad flu shot batch, one class that includes Mackenzie, Olivia, and Tess, become telepathic. For Mackenzie this couldn't come at a worst time. She cheated on her boyfriend -- crowd lover Cooper -- and now has an entire classroom judging her actions and threatening to tell him. All the while, Olivia uses her powers to get ahead in class, and Tess tries to get a friend to see her with different eyes. 

There are lots of heartbreak and hurt feelings in the book, but nevertheless, Mlynowski brings that humoristic touch that has made her popular over the years. It's nice to read a ''supernatural'' story without the terrible bad guy written into the plot.