Monday, February 9, 2015

My Batmans have never looked this hot

Let's face it, with shows like Gotham, toy demands, movies and comic books -- superheroes are not going anywhere. We are better off learning how to draw them, whether to recreate personal fantasies or to please our inner child. 

I admit it -- I'm not that good at drawing. This was me before the book:

It's difficult finding the correct posture and the right places to shade. And the face! How do you go from a stick figure to an actual human being? That's why this book provided me with lots of help. Not only does it contain action scenes. But it shows you how to begin by drawing the faces and then moves on to the entire body. It also includes all DC favorites such as The Kents, the Batmobile, Black Canary and Harley Queen. All the bios were written to help boost super heroes and villains knowledge.

A great help for DC fans.


  1. I prefer Marvel superheroes, but this book sounds useful. I find it incredibly difficult to find the right posture. Everything always looks off unless I find a picture of someone in a similar posture.

    1. Ah the DC vs Marvel war lol. Although I love DC characters, I would only date a Marvel. I don't know where that puts me. But in terms of drawing, yes, this book is helping me a lot.